WALK Master Machine Quilting With Your Walking Foot (Signed copy)


WALK:  Mastering Machine Quilting With Your Walking Foot is the ultimate guide to walking foot quilting. WALK is not only a resource but, since it’s the only comprehensive book for both the modern and traditional quilter on quilting with the walking foot, it is sure to be a fast classic. For the quilter like you, who typically finishes piecing, then sends it out to have it quilted, or has a pile of tops but is too nervous to complete the quilting yourself… well, guess what? You thought you couldn’t, and now, you can! The designs are not only gorgeous and creative, but forward-motion quilting using your walking foot is attainable by anyone willing to give it a try. There are over 60 quilting designs in WALK, many of which straight lines, because I love a modern look, but WALK explores curves and decorative stitches as well as traditional designs like cables, clamshells and the classic orange peel. With step-by-step illustrations for ease of use and an inspirational gallery that is sure to stir the muse, you aren’t going to want to send your quilt tops out anymore because, now you can easily handle it yourself. Quilters will receive a comprehensive set of walking foot quilting basics that provide a solid foundation for quilting with ease, quality and creativity. WALK: Master Machine Quilting with Your Walking Foot is destined to become a staple in every quilter’s library.